The sun was setting over dead cornstalks when he appeared. Summers in the North Woods saved his soul. As a child he mostly engaged with various balls and moving in, upon and with water. Psychotropic substances were inextricably woven into his coming of age. At a second tier eastern college he began his studies as a draft dodging English major, finishing with an independent degree in Symbolic Studies and Mysticism. Next, in the Rocky Mountains, he operated two small businesses as a front and funding source for ski bumming and wandering. Then onto film school in Northern California and from there to Zurich to study Jungian Analysis which he has practiced ever since, briefly in Seattle then in Bellingham, Washington.

Okay, this is hardly a bio, if it were it would need themes, such as searching, love and heartbreaks, his legendary (at least in his own living room) brooding depressions, along with perhaps scars, other afflictions, yearnings and dancing. And for structure it would need a story line, for which I'd probably choose something Other ~ the miraculous, mostly synchronicities. The einfalls, epiphanies and grace notes that appear image like as if out of the blue, usually when things get intense or near some nadir. Each like a gravitational field constellating context, (and if the aphorism were to hold true, requiring approximately a thousand words a piece to flesh out), something like a necklace of rough pearls, strung on a cord, less of time than of a sense of being.

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